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Youtube and more….

Cartoonbrews Amid Amidi made a very nice blog post about the video for Helene. Read it here.

The video is also available on youtube now, see the link below.


…and, the first official screening of the video will be in Stavanger kortfilmfestival, it will be presented on 1. okt 09, and screened in the music video program on the 2. okt 09.


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Here is some behind the scenes picture from the making of the music video”var jeg en vind” with Helene Bøksle.

See the video here:


Everything is made as a stop-motion, there is no digital effects, and no digital post production.


Close up of Helene in the forest.


This picture shows the forest, and you can see the camera rig, for the camera movement


Another picture of the forest set, notice the oversize bushes in the front, this one help to create depth. The camera is “God” so every piece of settings is placed so it looks right in the camera.


The same set..


..and from a different angle, the forest is build in forced perspective.


..and yet another one, all the forest scenes are made on this set, the ground has been repainted, and the trees relocated.


Here is an overview of the theater, the walls is removable, so only what is in the picture is needed on the set. The light rig in the ceiling are Christmas tree lights.


This is the shooting of one of the close-up scenes inside the teatre. Everything that not supposed to move, had to be fixed.


Here is the total set of the theater, and the loft set on the stage. the loft is here masked with blackwrap, so the light can be set in the window, and not in between walls etc..

The set here is also prepared for the opening of the doors on the stage set, so here is the forest placed behind it. I think this may be the most complicated set for the video.


Here is one of the sequence, in paper..


Another close-up scene inside the theater, notice the rig for exact placement of the cut-outs, and the two piles of cut-outs, one witch is shot one is not.


Same thing from a different angle.


Shooting details inside the theater.


I used a Canon 300D camera, with remote capture, and saving on hard drive on the PC.


Here is the rotating door sequence, the wall is supported on a rotating disk. this was a very difficult scene to shoot. since so much moves, is was difficult to get everything where it should be all the time. This scene was shot 4 times before it get right. It was easier to tilt camera and sets on this one.


This is the loft set. it was shot separately for the effect light scene.


The same as above from a diffrent angle.

This was a fun scene to do. This is when the light travels inside the room like a timelapse of sun in a window. The whole ting is made by putting the loft scene, and the camera on a rotating disk, it is shot with a 10 mm lens, really wide angle. on the big disk there is a scale for rotating a tiny bit at a time. Ater this picture was taken, I wrapped both tha set and the camera in with blackwrap, leaving only the window. Then there is a light besides the set, and set with camera is rotating.

The loft set is actually carefully build based on instructions made by Henrik Ibsen in the book “Vildanden” The wild duck.

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Here is something diffrent, this was an office I made for an art exhibition in 2006..

I want everything to be as it was some sort of a dream, it’s familiar, and not…

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What I do..

Here is a box monster, I just some years ago tried to see what I could make from and old biscuit box, Maryland cookies I think, and this is the result:


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Finally got my self to have a blog..

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