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Really bussy working on a TV-commercial now, will post link and behind-the-scene pictures when the commercial is on the air close to Christmas…and working on  several other projects at the same time as well…


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First, here is 3 pictures from the stage in the theater:


The Theater structure is made from foamboard, on a sturdy MDF base. The stage floor is made from a lot of small pieces of balsa wood.


On this pictures the wall coverings are on place, and the stage has got balsa wood and decorations, and it has been painted.


Here is the final look on the stage. Since this is a theater in the forest, I used elements from the forest. I painted a tree on each side, and painted in the seasons from summer on the lower left, winter on top, all the way until early summer in lower right. I really love to play with small details, and used toy plastic animals, that I paint as stone. I used some time to find the right ones, because I want the smallest to be the biggest, like the butterfly (which is a repeating thing both in the lyrics and in the video.) that is a small animal, but here it is bigger than the deer. And the butterfly is covering the winter in the seasons tree.


This is a picture from a deleted scene, I was thinking about putting in a small sequence with lights coming in the doors in the back before it opens..but this was cut for various reasons.


….And in the end, this is my Christmas card from last year, I used the theater…and, yes, thats me 7 times..

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