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I just finished a music video for the artist Manuela Hofer, it is all made with a still camera, (Canon 500D) some thousands of stills edited in final cut, with some effect work done in Photoshop, frame by frame, as cartoon.

It is on Vimeo:

..and on Youtube:

Both places in HD.

Really a fun and different process doing this one, but quite a bit work to sort out all the pictures and do the editing..


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1881 commercial.

I made a set for an commercial for the Norwegian number search company 1881, the commercial is inspired by a Norwegian children book.

I built the kitchen with all the props, including bakery. The set is in scale 1:8.

Here is the completed film:

This is the overview of the set at its early stage, it is built to match the brief from the production company; Storm Studios.

Here is the door and the window, all built in balsawood.

Details and bakery, the gingerbread are made from Fimo, and the breads are made from air drying clay, and painted.

More bakery, and a shelf.

Here is the set, almost complet,  without details..

It was a fun job to do, and it turned out to be a very nice commercial.

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