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This is a small clay animated film I made in 1999, due to equipment limitations the whole film is edited in camera..shot on a bolex 16mm from 1954..

This little film was made in a month, most of the time went to do the sets, only quite few days for shooting..

on  youtube:

and on vimeo:


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This is a music video I made in 2001-2002 for the band Popface from Stavanger Norway.

This video is made as a stop-motion video, lot of the running sequences are made with replacement character. The animation is shot wit a Bolex 16 mm camera from 1954. Due to the big sets, everything was shot in my parents barn in wintertime, so I had down to minus 4 degrees celsius on the set. The video was inspired by old german films like “The cabinet of Caligari” and the big anonymous city in “Metropolis”. So everything is crude made, with shadows painted directly on the set pieces. Everything was supposed to be quite lo-fi..

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