This is a small clay animated film I made in 1999, due to equipment limitations the whole film is edited in camera..shot on a bolex 16mm from 1954..

This little film was made in a month, most of the time went to do the sets, only quite few days for shooting..

on  youtube:

and on vimeo:


This is a music video I made in 2001-2002 for the band Popface from Stavanger Norway.

This video is made as a stop-motion video, lot of the running sequences are made with replacement character. The animation is shot wit a Bolex 16 mm camera from 1954. Due to the big sets, everything was shot in my parents barn in wintertime, so I had down to minus 4 degrees celsius on the set. The video was inspired by old german films like “The cabinet of Caligari” and the big anonymous city in “Metropolis”. So everything is crude made, with shadows painted directly on the set pieces. Everything was supposed to be quite lo-fi..

I just finished a music video for the artist Manuela Hofer, it is all made with a still camera, (Canon 500D) some thousands of stills edited in final cut, with some effect work done in Photoshop, frame by frame, as cartoon.

It is on Vimeo:

..and on Youtube:

Both places in HD.

Really a fun and different process doing this one, but quite a bit work to sort out all the pictures and do the editing..

1881 commercial.

I made a set for an commercial for the Norwegian number search company 1881, the commercial is inspired by a Norwegian children book.

I built the kitchen with all the props, including bakery. The set is in scale 1:8.

Here is the completed film:

This is the overview of the set at its early stage, it is built to match the brief from the production company; Storm Studios.

Here is the door and the window, all built in balsawood.

Details and bakery, the gingerbread are made from Fimo, and the breads are made from air drying clay, and painted.

More bakery, and a shelf.

Here is the set, almost complet,  without details..

It was a fun job to do, and it turned out to be a very nice commercial.


Really bussy working on a TV-commercial now, will post link and behind-the-scene pictures when the commercial is on the air close to Christmas…and working on  several other projects at the same time as well…

First, here is 3 pictures from the stage in the theater:


The Theater structure is made from foamboard, on a sturdy MDF base. The stage floor is made from a lot of small pieces of balsa wood.


On this pictures the wall coverings are on place, and the stage has got balsa wood and decorations, and it has been painted.


Here is the final look on the stage. Since this is a theater in the forest, I used elements from the forest. I painted a tree on each side, and painted in the seasons from summer on the lower left, winter on top, all the way until early summer in lower right. I really love to play with small details, and used toy plastic animals, that I paint as stone. I used some time to find the right ones, because I want the smallest to be the biggest, like the butterfly (which is a repeating thing both in the lyrics and in the video.) that is a small animal, but here it is bigger than the deer. And the butterfly is covering the winter in the seasons tree.


This is a picture from a deleted scene, I was thinking about putting in a small sequence with lights coming in the doors in the back before it opens..but this was cut for various reasons.


….And in the end, this is my Christmas card from last year, I used the theater…and, yes, thats me 7 times..

Youtube and more….

Cartoonbrews Amid Amidi made a very nice blog post about the video for Helene. Read it here.

The video is also available on youtube now, see the link below.


…and, the first official screening of the video will be in Stavanger kortfilmfestival, it will be presented on 1. okt 09, and screened in the music video program on the 2. okt 09.